As Bridgetree has grown and developed over last 15 years, we realized that the most important asset we have is our people - the team. We say that Bridgetree is not just a company - it is a community that consists of our management, employees, partners and even our families.

We organize various affairs where employees, together with their families, meet, rest, and communicate in an informal atmosphere. Being a people-oriented company, and understanding that relationships are the basis of our business, Bridgetree pays special attention to all kinds of relations and communications in our company. In addition, sometimes our partners and customers join us in an informal atmosphere - this is a unique opportunity to see the company from inside and understand Bridgetree as a family, not just as a company.

Bridgetree has built a talented team of highly qualified software engineers, web developers with a wealth of real world experience. They are techno commercial personnel having fine exposure, they understand the need of the market and develop software and web application for both domestic and international markets.

Bridgetree works with web development and IT consultancy firms from around the globe in need of sub-contract, experience developers to complete projects for their clients.